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The Happy Extruder
I received a warm welcome from the 3D printing community and decided to contribute some videos, please feel free to comment on the videos and stay tune for some upcoming content on 3D printer safety Modifications and custom builds. Thank you for subbing and watching.
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3:523 weeks Ago
Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®!/en-us/tid=CUSA08829_00


10:092 years Ago
Wham Bam Systems sent me their Flexible build system with magnetic surface and PEX surface. I met Peter from WhamBam at Orlando maker Faire and he had the Flexi plate system for the Ender 2, I said it would be nice to test it on my Ender 2, so he sent me one. The kick starter is already fully funded and has 10 days to go. I was so impressed with the system I ordered on through the KickStarter Wham BamThankYou for my Creality Ender 3. The system is really durable and it holds well, I tested with PLA and when my Ender 3 plate system ships I will test with PET-G as those are the two I mostly print with. I highly recommend this system as it works as described. more info: Disclaimer: No money exchange hands between my channel or WhamBam Systems, the Flexi plate system was provided free of charge for my honest Beta-testing and feedback. All Wham bam logo images and trademark statements belong to Wham bam Systems. Like what I am doing send me a cup of Joe ! Thank you for watching, and those who subscribed, Thank you so much. Would like to send me something : Cool Go ahead ! Ron The Happy Extruder 4545 sw 60th ave #770125 Ocala FL 34477-0125


7:132 years Ago makers of the monthly subscription filament service sent me their July 2018 inaugural UFO Promotional Box. They did not ask for a review but simply that I look at it and provide some feedback, and if I wanted to do a review it was solely up to me. After opening and inspecting the items included in the July Box I was very pleased and decided to show an unboxing. Disclaimer: No money exchanged hands between myself and The Box was sent as a promotional Item for personal review. Like what I am Doing donate a Cup of Joe ! You can support the channel by considering a Patreon pledge ALIEN3D.US Check them out @ The cool items included: H&H 3D plastics - Filament 3D Fuel Filament (Coffee-Beer-Hemp infused) Hello 3D Filament 3DXTECH Filament BuildTak Decal applicator Filabot Pen Magigo Adhesive - Bonus Project Bi-Pedal Walking Robot (interactive build) Stickers, Plenty discount codes for sponsored items, and much more.


7:372 years Ago
This Video is to overview the build process of my CR-10 Gigantor Conversion. My original CR-10 300x300x400 was converted to 300x300x1000mm at first then I Saw gCreates GMAX BIG and was inspired to convert mine similar as well. There are a few details that I will cover in a short tips and tricks video, but this covers what you need to convert yours. Please view the First conversion here: PLEASE NOTE DISCLAIMER: You do this at your own risk I am showing this for educational purpose if you attempt and Brick your 3D printer it's soley your responsibility ! Always seek professional advice if you are unsure of what you are doing. The Items you will need are : Bowden extruder aluminum (the plastic one is too cheap) 2 20x40 extrusions 1000mm 4 20x20 extrusions 1000mm 1 dual z axis kit 2 1000mm Lead screws (8mm threads) 1 CR-10 Cable Extensions kit 1 1Meter Bowden tubing Software (Marlin Firmware see LINK) Like what I am doing send me a cup of Joe ! (Affil-Link)-CR-10 Gearbest PLEASE SELECT CHINA WAREHOUSE Creality Ender 3 Creality Cr-10S Upgraded 3D printer Ender 2 Creality 3D printer Code: GBENDER2 Openbuilds V-Slotted Extrusions - Tiny Machines 3D - Cr-10 Main Board w/boot loader flashed Dual Z-Upgrade Tiny Machines 3D Video - CR-10 Motherboard Swap Tiny Machines 3D Video - Flashing your MainBoard - Thank you for watching, and a special Thank you to my Patreon Supporters you are greatly appreciated !!!

Matterhackers #3Dphil Takes Flight (DJI P4)

10:052 years Ago
3D Printed Matterhackers #3Dphil in Matterhackers Pro Series GOLD PLA as well as the hook mounts and mounted him to my DJI Drone and gave him some Height. The flight went very well, as always follow your local flying guidelines and restrictions always check local flying patterns that may be participating in your area. The cross winds were wicked and I had 17 satellites on GPS it fought hard to maintain lock. I kept eye line of sight the entire flight the drifts left were very strong, but #3D Phil A Ment did very well. Please check out Matterhackers Pro PLA I can say it's Tuff stuff Payload Hook (DRONE) Phantom 4 - Payload bridge clamp Music: Space Journey

Gainesvlle Mini Maker Faire 2018 – Recap

6:352 years Ago
Funking 3D Invited me to attend Gainesville Mini-Maker Faire and exhibit some 3D printing items and explain to attendee's the different components of 3D printing. I agreed and the following video is a small re cap of the event. I would like to Thank Glenn and his family for inviting me, and for helping me out throughout the day, as well as Ron and his Dad-Brew it Print It Build It Blast It, Sholm and his Sons- A Skewed View 3D, and Kuntry3D and his family, we had a great time and this community has an awesome members base. Special Thanks to Matterhackers for providing the table Swag that attendees swooped up, and to AioRobotics for providing a 3D Pen to share with Attendees, they had lots of fun with it. Thanks to Maker Faire for having me, TechToyBox for hosting the event, and to all the Makers who participated. (looking forward to next year) Special shout out to my viewers who follow the channel and Twitter feed, this year has some good surprises in stored so please stay tuned, and December will be another 3D printer give away ! Music provided by Bensounds check out Yourduino: Santas hop Animated Display:

CREALITY ENDER 2 Upgrades / (LCD/Part Coolin Fan)

5:353 years Ago
Gearbest sent me the CReality Ender 2 3D printer to Test and give my thoughts, the Ender 2 arrived well packaged and was a very fast build. The Ender 2 printed well but could have benefited from a part cooling Fan, I printed one along with an Lcd Enclosure to remount the LCD in a more Ergonomic viewing position. The Ender 2 performed surprisingly well and the part cooling fan really cleaned up the prints. This 3D printer with its small foot Print really make a good addition to a work shop or for small office. The Instructions were not to clear on the build process, please use the link below to a build video which was done by the Channel NoLimits3D, very clear build of the Ender 2. Ender 2 Build video. part cooling upgrade - LCD re-mount - The Affiliate Links below helps the channel, please leave in the description any future printers you would like to see on the channel. CReality CR-10 Mini -code CR10MINI CReality CR-10 US - code 11CR10US CReality CR-10S code GBCR10S Gearbest provided the Ender 2 for review, at no time was money exchanged for my thoughts or review. The opinions stated are mine and mine alone. If you have any further questions please leave them in the description I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge. Thank you for watching.

The Happy Extruder Giveaway 4Th Prize REPKORD FILAMENT WINNER !!

2:063 years Ago
This is the announcement for the Winner of The Happy Extruder Giveaway Passing It forward* U.S. & Canada 2 Spools Filament. The Winner is : John Baker - Kingsley, MI, USA @ Spools of RPEKORD FILAMENTS Please visit our Sponsor Repkord Filaments, I use his Filaments and they are tough as nails, I print many motor brackets from them and they work awesome.

The Happy Extruder Giveaway Passing It Forward ! WINNERS

3:533 years Ago
The Winners of The Passing It Forward Giveaway contest have been selected (see Below), I would like to Thanks our Sponsors MatterHackers, for assisting me in this Giveaway especially Rhonda, 3DSolutech who were gracious enough to say yes in providing 2 spools of their Awesome PLA, and My friend Pooch over at Repkord Filaments for providing a 4th prize and whose filaments are tough as nails Thank you all. 1st Place Winner - David Castellano (PA U.S.A.) - Matterahackers Pulse 3D Printer 2nd Place Winner - Nick Kougionis (Athens Greece) Matterhackers 2 SpoolsPro Series PLA 3rd Place Winner - Randy Alexander( Lakeland FL U.S.A.) 3DSolutech 2 Spools PLA *Winners will have 48 Hours to provide shipping Information, if the allotted time passes a New Winner will be chosen for said Prize. Make sure to visit our Sponsors for great 3D Printing Items: Once again Thank you to all who participated and Congratulations to all the winners, it was truly a great experience providing this Giveaway and I look forward to many more, take care and be safe.

The Happy Extruder Giveaway Passing It Forward !

3:183 years Ago
Hey 3D Printing Community I did promise when I hit 500 Subs I would give away a 3D printer so this is me keeping my Promise ! I also wanted to show my thanks for being considered in a recent giveaway contest , so I am passing it forward and Promoting 3 YouTuber's ! 1. Allie Weber AKA @RobotMakergirl Technic-Allie-Speaking 2. Jeromie at Primarily Print3D 3. Marteinn at 3DP ICELAND I reached out to Matterhackers and purchased their PULSE 3D Printer to give away as a 1st place Prize, they were generous enough to give me the Black Friday deal and the printer is at their warehouse ready to ship to the 1st Prize winner. Matterhackers also donated 2 Spools of their Pro Series PLA, for the 2nd Place Winner ! World wide I reached out to 3DSolutech who generously donated 2 Spools of PLA for the 3rd Place Winner. World wide ADDED BONUS: (North America Repkord filament CONTEST ONLY) Repkord Filaments was kind enough to donate a 4th prize in the form of 2 Spools of REPKORD PLA filament *FOR North America WINNER PULSE 3D PRINTER / 2 Spools Pro PLA / 3DSOLUTECH PLA GLOBAL CONTEST GIVEAWAY: North America Repkord Filament ONLY CONTEST GIVEAWAY: Please Visit Our Sponsors: MATTERHACKERS 3DSOLUTECH REPKORD FILAMENTS I would like to thank our Sponsors Matterhackers, 3DSOLUTECH, and REPKORD for taking the time and helping out with this giveaway Thanks ! FTC:Disclaimer I freely purchased the Pulse 3D printer being given away in this contest all other Prizes were donated by the sponsors listed above.

CR-10 From 400mm to1000 MM SUPER SIZED !

5:563 years Ago
In this video I go over the process I went through in order to Super Size the original CR-10 from 400mm to a Z-Height of 1000MM. In the description you will find the links to the items and files I used to flash the firmware and purchase the extrusions and other items. *Disclosure Notice: If you attempt this modification you are doing so on your own risk, If you do not feel confident in attempting this please seek professional assistance. (Affil-Link)-CR-10 Gearbest Openbuilds V-Slotted Extrusions - Tiny Machines 3D - Cr-10 Main Board w/boot loader flashed Dual Z-Upgrade Tiny Machines 3D Video - CR-10 Motherboard Swap Tiny Machines 3D Video - Flashing your MainBoard - T8-1000MM Lead screw - You can search different sites for this Item

UCONN 3D Printing and Recycling In Space NASA

2:523 years Ago
I met with Adam Wentworth, Zane Grady, Francis Almonte, Ryan Verniund and Andrew Nguyen of UCONN university and the In-Space 3D printing and Recycling. These students are 2017 XHAB Academic Innovation Challenge recipients who are now focusing on the ability to recycle plastics in space. Maker Faire entry Information: ReDeTec Recycler Information: Current Project Sponser: Lulzbot Printers: 3D printing in Space NASA: Would like to send me something : Go ahead ! The Happy Extruder 4545 sw 60th ave P.O. box #773435 Ocala FL 34477-3435


3:443 years Ago
I visited Maker Faire NY 2107, and caught up with Shane over at Prusa Research and spoke about The New Prusa MK3 custom Build plates. The New Build Plates are reversible and you can use either side to print on them. Shane is also one of the customer support techs at Prusa Research along with other various responsibilities he has with the company. I would like to say that the new build plates are quite durable Shane did lightly scratch one of the surfaces to show its toughness. I would like to send an extreme THANK YOU to Shane for taking the time and giving us a better insight into the Build plate, oh yeah and MOM Shane is on You Tube ! You can find more details and if you have any questions sign up for their mailing list and Live Chat online with one of the support personnel. link below Check out the in depth interview by 3DPN over at his channel Would like to send me something : Go ahead ! The Happy Extruder 4545 sw 60th ave P.O. box #773435 Ocala FL 34477-3435
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